April 20, 2011

How To Make A Living With A Blog – Day 18 – Use Amplify

To continue with my series: How To Start Making A Living Online: 28 days To Be A Better IMer - I present day 18.

Day 18 – Set Yourself Up On Amplify

Making a living online can be done in so many different ways. What I am suggesting is just one way and social media has to be a part of it. Many plans for online businesses center around social media but having a center there isn’t necessary, it is helpful however.

Amplify is a social media site that can syndicate your posts across many other social platforms. You can set up an Amplify account, and post to it linking back to your original article and get a dofollow backlink for your efforts. Amplify will also simultaneously autopost (if you set it up, which you should) to a whole host of social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, Tumbler, Posterous, and many others. This is great because each of those sites will also be linking back to the original post helping with indexing of the original post and sending a mix of nofollow and dofollow backlinks to the original post.

On your main Amplify page you can also submit your blog’s RSS feed to receive more dofollow backlinks whenever you post to your actual blog, and you can do a lot of your networking (see this big Blog Networking Guide by Christina) that you might otherwise do on other social media sites. Some call Amplify the dofollow Twitter, or the Twitter for people who actually like conversations with people.  I call it social media with an emphasis on SEO.

What I suggest (which I learned from others - namely Lizzie in the TKA forums) is to setup an Amplify account for your niche blog, and then setup dedicated social media accounts at all the places that Amplify will autopost to and link those accounts to Amplify. On your Amplify sidebar you can setup your page to be SEOd to your main theme or your main keywords and then include your main blog’s RSS feed and possibly your Twitter feed.

It may take some time to figure it all out and get things setup but once you get it all going you can easily Amplify any backlink that you or anyone else creates to help get it indexed and ranking a little. After all, a backlink is more beneficial if it is indexed and when it has a little authority behind it.

The thing to keep in mind here is you should be using this Amplify account to Amplify your backlinks and other people's posts, not every blog post you publish. We can’t keep heavily promoting all of our backlinks forever, Amplify will make it easy for us to simply promote our backlinks in the future so we can spend the bulk of our time actually building backlinks and profitable content.

In the first month we can’t overrun our main revenue generating articles with backlinks which is why we spend some good time promoting our revenue sharing articles as well. In months two and three and beyond we can start focusing more on our own blog and let Amplify simply and easily build the authority of our backlinks and because each post we Amplify will be a backlink article from another site we won’t be simply linking to the same domain over and over again, which is a good thing.

Certainly by now you’ve had plenty of time to get everything published (from earlier days in this series) and take a healthy break so after today we’ll get back to writing and publishing so stay tuned to that. Slowly but surely these efforts will start turning into page views and income. Good luck all.

A Personal Note
If you’ve been following along with this for some time, you’ll know I mostly took the last three weeks off. I have deemphasized (temporarily) blogging and have been investing much more of my time building backlinks (and getting my taxes filed).

As many of you know I am a happy member of The Keyword Academy and am constantly using their flagship tool Postrunner (see my review of PostRunner here). Recently I joined another program BMR (similar to PostRunner) and have been experimenting with it to see if it’s worth it to me. That has naturally received much more of my attention as of late. I may or may not review it down the road here on this blog.

Lastly, the wife and I are getting much closer to the due date of our first little man.  One of these days's he'll come so we are in the last phases of "nesting".  This is a fun time in our lives.  6 weeks to go!

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  1. Hey Brian,

    Nice post. I haven't used amplify, but I did finally just sign up for TKA under you. I've spent the last day setting up my streamline for 4 websites I've been building out. I plan on using postrunner like a madman for the next few weeks and build up a few hundred links.

    I also really wanted to try BMR because I've heard amazing things (griz and dave), but I'm going to give postrunner a try for a little while.

    I know you're down a little on IB earnings this month, but how are your niche earnings? I'm focusing my efforts 100% on my websites at the moment. I think I've had it backwards this whole time, writing too much content for IB instead of articles for backlinks.

    It really hit me when your travel mug article got hit that IB doesn't provide all of the protection I thought it did...If a page is going to be sandboxed you might as well be set up for 100% share when it come out.

  2. Thanks for the signup Mike, I am experimenting this month with BMR and so far I am loving it. Everybody else says they love it so I'm sounding like a broken record but I swear I get more content written with them on top of the powerful links so it seems to be twice as nice. :)

    I plan on putting a BMR affiliate link here on my sidebar with a big review soon so if you decide to give it a shot I'd love it if you use my link as well. :P

    Postrunner is definitely worth it's price however so it's a very good tool on it's own - I've used it for a good year now and still do - and still love it.

    Yeah, IB earnings are down due to a number of obvious reasons, Panda and onsite CTR which are down due to site redesign probably but man, the niche sites are up a good deal. My longevity blog is easily seeing the best traffic and earnings it's ever had and my diabetic shoes site is on pace to hit close to $200 this month from $100 the month prior. I like that pace.

    Other sites are doing better too and I'm looking to add some more sites to the mix in the next week or two as well, satellite sites as Dave calls them. This month is by far my best month ever for Amazon and I'm loving my focus on them over Adsense these days.

    I still have hope for my travel mug article, sucks that it's in the box, still can't be found in search without adding "infobarrel" to the search string but I'm still backlinking it, just not as fast as I was before. I'm trying some BMR on it to see if that helps. One day I assume it will pop up onto page 1 out of nowhere but when, who knows. Like yourself, I thought the IB domain would provide more protection than it does but alas, you live and learn.

    Thanks for stopping by Mike. Happy Easter!

  3. So has the "How To Start Making A Living Online: 28 days To Be A Better IMer" ended with day 18?

  4. I am having trouble finding where you submit your blog’s RSS feed. I have three feeds that I would like to use to feed into Amplify. Can you be more specific on how you did this? Thanks.


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