October 28, 2011

Writing Again On InfoBarrel & Setting A new IB Goal

For the few readers I have here I thought I'd take a minute to say I'm back on Infobarrel again publishing up a storm on various product related topics.

My current project revolves around "throw pillows". Not sure how it will do as I haven't even done any research on keywords - just using intuition here and the fact that there are so many ads on Google's front page for keywords revolving around the topic.

Anyway, the recent algo updates hit my diabetic shoes site so I have some income to make up for. My wifes student loan payments are kicking in in january and I had better have enough income to make those sky-high payments.

Yikes, they are crazy high.

Anyway, throw pillows will do it I'm sure. We shall see.

In any event I have published a bunch today and will publish a bunch more there this weekend and get my rev share up into the 85% range (up from 75% the past few months) and then hopefully with some BMR promotion, new publication, and the regained revenue from Amazon income (thank you Jerry Brown) I am setting a new goal for my IB income for the month of November.


In September I made around $600 on IB. This month I'll probably make around $700. $1000 is the new November goal. Let my fingers fly.

My next post - whenever I get to posting it - should cover som of my strategies which can be replicated by just about anyone. I hope they help, inspire, entertain, or at leats occupy the time of a few of you.

Update on my experiment last month:

I ended up sending somewhere around 3-4 BMR links to my glucose article. Panda hit between then and now so that had something to do with rankjing s but nonethe less I was ranked 119 for the term "Lower Blood Glucose Levels" and now I'm nomber 40. Nice.

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