November 5, 2011

My Plan To Bring More Traffic To My Best Earning IB Articles

If you’ve read my last few posts I’ve been talking a lot about my plans for this month.

I want to make $1000 this month on InfoBarrel in addition to what I make elsewhere online. In October I made in excess of $670 so that means I need to make an additional $330 this month alone.

I’m doing that by doing three things:

  • Publishing new Articles On The IB Domain
  • Adding Media Pages To Existing Articles On The IB Domain (and linking to their media pages)
  • Promoting my existing articles on the IB domain which have made the most money recently

For the purpose of this blog post I’m only going to be discussing the third item: promotion.

Identifying The Best Earning Articles

This is easy. If you have Google Analytics running through the background it’s easy to see what articles have made the most over the past day, week, month, year, or whatever. I decided to look at the past three months worth of data and see which articles have made the most.

I narrowed it down to about 10 articles I want to promote heavily. I chose ten because I will be doing a lot of the promoting with Build My rank (BMR) which will send between 7-10 posts a day to their network of blogs. That’s about 8 per day. Over the course of a 30 day month that’s 240 posts published. If I promote 10 articles then I can post between 20-30 BMRs to each one.

20-30 may be more than I need considering most of the articles I’m promoting have been published on the IB domain for some time now and they all are already receiving search traffic but I want to really apply the 80/20 rule here. in this case it’s more like the 95/5 rule. :)

How BMR Works

I’ve said this in recent posts but I will say this again. With BMR I can send between 7-10 links per day to a domain… or even a single URL. I can have 5 domains to submit to if I want or more if I pay for a more expensive membership to the program – basic membership is ($59/month) but as much as I wish it wasn’t the case I’ve never published 50 BMRs in a day. I usually max out at around 30 from brain fry.

The BMR posts allow you to add one link to your site or article for every 150 words you publish. The minimum word count for a publication is 150 words so I generally do 150 word posts for the one link. Sometimes I do the 300 word posts for 2 links but not usually.


Why BMR you may ask. Because they post your mini-articles to a network of blogs which have good page rank and which are filled with unique (non-spun, non-plagiarized, non-PLR) content. They then backlink each post to ensure it gets indexed and builds a pinch of authority so that your link actually matters. The end result is a link that actually holds a good deal of weight.

What About Post Runner

I still use PostRunner but for this experiment I’m mostly doing BMR simply because I am capable of writing more of these in a day than I am capable of writing PostRunners in a day. Also, the links are weightier so they take effect much sooner. PostRunner is hands down a must use tool but I am on a 1-month binge here so BMR is my main focus with PostRunner as a close second.

For these 10 articles I’ll be doing a few PostRunners but probably not a lot more than that unless I find I have more time and metal stamina for writing. (keep in mind I’m still building content for other sites I own). Gotta know when to say when.

Is This Really Worth My Time?

It may be tempting to ask whether this is worth your time after you’ve written 20-30 BMR’s in a single day knowing that you have a ton more to write but – I still ask myself this sometimes but I always snap myself back in place. This is doubling down on my proven winners with a tool that I know works.

I don’t expect these 240 links in 30 days to give me number one rankings but it should increase my traffic to my articles which are most efficient at earning me money. One page view on these articles is worth far more money to me than a single page view on the other 95% of my articles. I’m expecting to increase my traffic to these 10 articles and see if the earnings boost occurs in unison. It may not for every article of the 10 but it most likely will for the bunch as a whole.

So far I’ve completely backlinked 4 IB articles already – I got started in late October on this project and it’s one area where I’ve been spending a lot of my time lately. I’ve got about 6 more posts to fully backlink with BMR – that’s roughly 150 more to go. let’s see if I can get this done by the 14th (hopefully sooner) so I can focus on other things.

The posts won’t all go live at once, since I can only post about 8.5 per day it will take most of the rest of the month for them all to go live. For now they will sit in the queue waiting for their day.

Isn’t Link Building Dying?

There’s been a lot about the death of linkbuilding lately online and my take is this. I know link building is changing and maybe taking a less important role in ranking but it still counts a ton. I want to be building a business online that will last for years to come but I need money now and now link building still matters a ton so I’m going all out with BMR, PostRunner, and guest-posting when I can get to it.

The thing is I can’t be so social for everything I publish so I will do what works and adjust as I go. If you haven’t looked at BMR I have banners for it in my sidebar. Here’s another self-serving link. They give you a free trial (10 links) to see what you think. If you try it out make sure to post those links at something that is a proven money maker. make them count.

My next article will address my thoughts on one of the other two legs of my November IB plan. New Content or Media Page creation. I don’t know which one I’ll be inspired to write about next. Check back in to see.

So far this month I am not on track to hit $1000 for the month. I still have plenty of work to do. I am however on pace to surpass October’s earnings. Hopefully my pace accelerates – I have the quickly growing holiday shopping crowd to help with that so I think I’ll I better make it.

Good luck to you all and your efforts.

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