November 23, 2011

Your 1st 10 Free Links With BMR

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I know not every country celebrates Thanksgiving but you can’t go wrong with giving thanks for what you have.

This morning I mentioned in a forum post or two on InfoBarrel that I have been seeing some fantastic growth in my InfoBarrel income this month. I am still trending just shy of my $1000 goal for the month but it’s close. Today is actually my best day for earnings there this month. With a little luck I may get to $1000 after all.

How am I doing it though you may ask? I built a bunch of media pages to existing articles and linked to them from the article they are attached to. This will be outlined in an upcoming post here on and I am building links to my best earners with BuildMyRank (BMR) as outlined in my plan to bring more traffic to my  best earning articles on IB.

I noted on the forum and in many posts here on the blog that this service is quickly becoming my new favorite service. I’ve been a member for about 5-6 months or so and I used it quite extensively in the beginning and then less so over the summer – I had a new baby in the house otherwise I would have been all over that. :)

Link Building With BMR - A Breeze

Let’s just put it this way. You can only post up to on average 8.5 links per day to a given domain on BMR. For the InfoBarrel domain that means I can only get about 85 links in a 10 day period. I can have up to 5 domains that I submit to every day which means I can also link build to my own sites but for IB, which this post is about, I can only send so many links out every month.

Each link I build is only 150 words or more of text. That’s it. It only takes me around 3-4 minutes to crank out 150 words and I usually finish them up around 200+. Basically an hour’s worth of work every day can yield me links on IB for the entire day plus some more.

Is it worth it though…


BMR is expensive; I can’t lie. I had reservations when I signed up but they offer 10 free links during their free trail.

A Few Of My Experiences With A Handfull Of BMR Links

In late October I had a brand new site (target Amazon), a few months old at least, that had no links built to it at all. It was receiving on average 4-6 unique visitors a day. I fired up BMR and sent 10 links to the home page, 10 links to an interior page with a “for men” modifier, and 10 links to a page with a “for women” modifier on my root keyword.

These 30 links went live in approximately 4 days and they took me about 3 hours to write. The site immediately, within a few days, started getting around 30-40 unique visitors a day and has already made me 10 Amazon sales of the product. It took me three hours worth of work. This should probably continue happening month after month for a long time. I will obviously be continuing to build this site out and build more links too but that's another topic all together.

On IB, I chose a handful of my best earning articles and started sending them BMR links (see my last post for details). I started out doing 30 links to each page. It takes about 4 days to publish 30 links to the same domain so I’ve only backlinked a few IB articles this month so far. Despite that my income has shot up around $670 per month and this month it’s approaching $1000. BMR links are ridiculous!

I make no apologies for linking to BMR with an affiliate link. Use it if you wish or plug the domain name into your browser and skip the affiliate link if you wish but if you haven’t tried BMR yet I urge you to try the ten link offer. It’s free and there are no commitments except about an hour of your time to write (from scratch) ten 150 word posts to build links with.

My Advice For Best Using Your 10 Free Links

Whether you do this on InfoBarrel or another site you own makes no difference. Identify (if you don’t know already) one of your best performing pages published online and link to this one page only with all 10 BMR links. This will maximize your efforts for promotion and give you results you should be able to measure with in a week to 10 days time.

Ideally you will find a page that ranks somewhere around #10 in Google for it’s keyword and has already shown the ability to earn you money. The 10 links will all go live within a couple days of you publishing them and your page will almost assuredly shoot up higher than before giving you better earnings than before.

This is not guaranteed by any means but it happens almost without fail for me. Vary the anchor text a little with your submissions but just push out 10 links as quick as possible and see what happens.

You have 15 days to publish the links and see what happens before you decide to subscribe or cancel the subscription. If you build all ten links immediately you should have more than a week to watch your rankings improve before deciding the program is worth your time and money.

Give it a shot; but let me say this.

If you try the free trial out and like it you should only subscribe if you are going to use it. The membership fee is steep - $59 per month. If you are not actually going to post anything then just get your 10 free links and move on. If you use it however you will be handsomely rewarded and your membership fee will not be wasted.

OK, enough from me. It’s back to pumping out more BMR links to my stuff. I’ve got student loan bills to pay down. :)

Chime in below with comments about your use of BMR or your questions about the tool.

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  1. Hey Chez, haven't been by your blog in a while, just wanted to let you know that I'm digging your last couple of posts.

    As for BMR, I've heard many great things. Might have to try it out one of these days. If I do, I'll use your link.

    Also, is BMR browser-based, or is there a download program to run it? I ask because I use a MAC and most software/programs are designed exclusively for PCs.

  2. Hey Lee, thanks for stopping by. I'm trying my best to revive the blog here - It's amazing how much a new baby sucks your free time away from everything but the essential. :

    Anyway, to answer your question, BMR is completely browser based. No software to download.

    Thanks for the comments on the past couple posts. I didn't set off to promote BMR it just kind of happened the past couple posts. I'm trying to illustrate my improvement on the IB domain and BMR is one way I'm doing that.

    I've got some more stuff in the works so check back for that as well as an update to a couple of my past experiments.

  3. Congrats on the new baby! That's awesome. If I lived anywhere near ya'll I'd take you out to celebrate. But for the time being, just know that I'll be raising my next cocktail in their air to cheers your new addition.

    Might have to try this BMR. I'm thinking that I'll begin a 'legit' business starting in 2012, complete with a LLC or at least a DBA away from my own name. If that works out I'll probably hit you up for a BMR affiliate then, just to keep the finances a little cleaner.

    Looking forward to what you've got in store! I love your experiments. In fact, you're a big inspiration on my latest IB experiment.

  4. Thanks for the thought, I'd take that drink with you.

    Have you seen that new commercial for 1800 Tequila? I love it. What happened to men drinking cocktails? Tequila, now that's a cocktail. :) Love it.


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