February 20, 2013

Update On The 50 Lenses In 7 Days Challenge

I know it sucks but hey, I can't do anything about it.

I was going to start this challenge to myself roughly 48 hours ago but after I started doing my keyword research and niche selection I found out that I couldn't publish to the account I was going to use - it was locked due to an account authentication error. :/

In any event I put this project on hold until earlier this afternoon when I finally got access to the account for publication purposes.

Anyway, in a weird sort of way I gave myself some time to do research on what the lenses would be over the past two days and now I have 7 days to get these suckers up and out of WIP.

What's the secret to doing this so fast? 

Batch work.

How do I publish so much stuff?

I publish super thin lenses as "rough drafts".

How do these super thin lenses stay out of WIP?

I publish them and then open them all back up a couple days later and edit them for more content - you know, to make them less thin. I do it again a couple days later to add sidebar stuff and internal linkage and on the last day I tweak whatever is lacking and add update the products and add the occasional contextual link to Amazon. The multiple "updates" end up making my lens far less thin and keep it out of WIP.

Will they stay out of WIP?

They should do to the frequent updates and the internal links but who knows - we shall see.

My Progress So Far

My son has been fast asleep since I gave him a bath this evening. Since then I've reviewed some stats on my established Squid accounts and looked at various lenses CTRs to see where I could improve. This was somewhat wasted time as I was delaying starting.

I finally did get started though and in the past hour I've published 3 lenses and typed up this blog post. I will work for another hour and try to get 4 more up at least.

The biggest thing about all of this is that you have to get the drafts up ridiculously fast so that you can interlink them all and pad the content out a few days from now.

Though I don't want to be going to bed at 3am just to get up at 8:30 when the little dude wakes up I do need to work my tail off and get as many published as possible as he doesn't often let me do a lot during the day other than read and brainstorm.

Good luck all.

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  1. Hmmm it's April I'm wondering how you are doing on your self-challenge. Do let us know.


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