December 18, 2009

Increase eHow Earnings Dramatically

eHow Earnings | The eHow Journey
I started this blog back in August of 2009 to chronicle my eHow journey. In fact at the time this blog was called the eHow Journey as its main purpose was to track my eHow earnings and promote my eHow articles while simultaneously keeping track of what methods I was using to increase my eHow earnings month after month.

It didn’t take me long to realize however that increasing eHow earnings was not the only goal I should be having. So in September I rebranded this blog to it’s current name, Earn Residual Income Online, because that really is the goal I had in the first place. I wanted to start building residual income online and in August eHow was my main focus.

Since then I have written a number of eHow articles and my eHow earnings have increased every month since the beginning. Ad my eHow earnings have increased month-over-month I also have experienced increasing page views on my articles as well as a greater efficiency in monetizing the visitors that come to view my articles on eHow. I’ve laid out a number of reasons for this here on the blog in my archives but many of the specifics I have left out purposefully.

An eHow Earnings Slump?
I’ve now been a member and pleased contributor of eHow for roughly four months and I routinely make over $10 per 1000 visitors to my articles. Even as I write this the eHow forums are flooded with people saying that earnings now are lower than they have been in the past. There is some speculation as to why this is. It’s possible eHow earnings are down due to the new formation of eHow UK which is basically a clone of eHow US. Being a clone it is feasible that the site is leeching traffic to our paying articles in the US to non-paying articles in the UK.

Another reason cited for lower eHow earnings across the board is the effects of the recession and advertisers spending. This is unlikely I think due to the profits Google is showing. They don’t seem to be slowing and the bulk of their revenue comes from advertising. Another idea is that people simply click fewer ads during the holiday season. This may be but I haven’t been around long enough to witness eHow earnings fluctuations with the seasons. What I do know however is that I have been able to increase earning this month without contributing huge swaths of new articles to my library because I’ve been doing article marketing on what I already have published.

Increase eHow Earnings eBook
My eHow earnings have been rising this month because I am working to place my articles higher in the search engine results pages by using various article marketing techniques. Many of these techniques I talked about already on this blog and many I have not. Despite this however I have been working on an eBook covering the intricacies of eHow earnings with two fellow eHow writers and we have set out a goal to offer a book that really crunches the numbers behind eHow by showing what eHow earnings are all about.

The three of us are all very different writers and we all write about very different topics and thus we have the ability to fully encapsulate the nuances of the eHow earnings journey that all writers go down. In the coming weeks I’m going to preview some more of the goals that we have for this eBook and begin the preparation stages for the books release.

What Makes This eHow eBook Different?
I am fully aware that there are a number of quality eHow eBooks written by some prolific eHow writers some of which who have been on the site for at least a couple of years. I also understand that they have vast credibility in the field of “How To eHow” but in our eHow earnings eBook we intend not to best our fellow writers in their eBook offerings but to offer something different. We want to really delve into actual articles that make actual money and discuss the details of what makes those articles tick versus others that might not.

I want to increase my eHow earnings and I’m sure you want to increase yours as well. To do this we need to understand what eHow articles make money and why they do so. Instead of throwing a ton of articles against the wall and seeing what sticks let’s learn how to get articles to stick against the wall and then lets make it happen. I have a number of goals in my residual income journey and this will be a large one. I intend on increasing my eHow earnings and I hope you will try to do the same.

I realize there’s not much substance to this post but I felt it was necessary to lay the groundwork and state my purpose with eHow and my eHow earnings. I hope you’ll stick around to follow this journey and listen to my banter as we enter a new year and a new decade. Let’s make 2010 a profitable year full of residual income and ever increasing eHow earnings.
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December 14, 2009

Writing For InfoBarrel Versus eHow

11/20/10 - Please see my updated InfoBarrel Review here for more info.

Writing For InfoBarrel Versus eHow - A First Month Analysis

I’ve been very casually participating in a thread over on the eHow forums on eHow versus InfoBarrel and strangely the two sites appear very polarizing. Many eHow writers are ticked off at being burned by site glitches and article deletions at eHow and many people are convinced that InfoBarrel is not worth their time because the earnings aren’t as good as they are at eHow. No surprise, I am sitting squarely in the middle as I feel both sites are worthwhile even as I agree with the arguments of both sides.

I just posted a variation of the following on the eHow forums on my thoughts between the two. It is very neutral I think especially since I am happy writing for both sites. As is usually quite popular I provided a very personal account of my experiences on the two sites in the first month.

eHow First Month Earnings
I first started writing for eHow in late August. In my first 14 days on eHow (in August) I posted 36 articles and made a grand total of $3.81 during those first 14 days on eHow.

InfoBarrel First Month Earnings
During November I joined InfoBarrel and posted 37 articles in the last 13 days of the month. During those 13 days, as I described previously in my post titled InfoBarrel for Dofollow Backlinks, I earned $1.26.

For comparison sake this illustrates how eHow earns quicker with no article marketing. During both ~two week periods I did no article marketing of any kind for either site, although now I market my eHow articles by linking to them from my InfoBarrel articles. The dofollow backlinks InfoBarrel offers help my eHow SERP rank considerably in my opinion.

eHow Earnings Week Three and Four
In the first half of the next month at eHow (Sept) I posted an additional 10-15 articles and earned around $15- $20. I don’t know exactly how much I earned because that was during the time of the Zero Earners Club at ehow which I was a part of. During that time our eHow earnings were not tracked until around the end of Sept until a huge amount of community appeals forced eHow to finally look into the problem and fix it.

InfoBarrel Earnings Week Three and Four
For comparison sake the first 13 days of December at InfoBarrel I have published an additional 37 articles and earned nearly $4, about a quarter of what I earned during the same time period at eHow.

InfoBarrel's Advantages and Flaws
This shows that InfoBarrel is not good for quick money right out of the gate with no article marketing. It will take a lot more time and article marketing to make up for InfoBarrel’s new domain name (in comparison to eHow) which doesn’t rank as well in search engines as eHow. Having said that, as I’ve said before, every article written at InfoBarrel sends dofollow backlinks to my articles at eHow as well as my blogs and has noticeably helped my eHow earnings thus far in December. Even despite the eHow.UK crazy thing going on right now my page views at eHow are increasing as are my earnings per 1000 views. I feel much of this is due to the backlinks I am sending from InfoBarrel articles to eHow articles. Considering it takes me about 20 min to whip out an InfoBarrel article which backlinks three eHow articles or blog posts compared to spending an hour to whip up one eHow article that links to nothing I think the time spent at InfoBarrel there is worth it.

In the time it takes me to write one quality eHow article I can write 2-3 at InfoBarrel which sends quality contextual anchored backlinks to 6-9 different eHow or blog articles I own online. For me InfoBarrel is worth it for that alone and the earnings there are nice to. In fact if the earnings there ever start picking up then that’s golden; that’s the best of all worlds. I understand many people have their own variables which lead their decisions and opinions and that’s fine. Everyone is different and everyone values different things. For me, however, InfoBarrel is a very nice compliment to eHow and to niche blogs and I recommend others to give them a try.

InfoBarrel Versus eHow | Both Sites Have Value
I’m not sure slamming eHow on their faults is the way to go, nor do I feel that blanket statements that InfoBarrel stinks because of earnings is valuable either. Both sites are quality and have significant advantages. eHow earns better right out of the gate for whatever reason but it is harder to write for. It also runs on a platform that is seemingly held together twine and glue-sticks with all the glitches they have whereas InfoBarrel is an easier site to write for, offers extra incentives (dofollow backlinks), better customer service, and runs on a stable platform but doesn’t seem to earn as good right out of the gate.

Time will tell if InfoBarrel’s earnings improve but I will continue to write for both. I’ve got 72 articles at eHow and 74 articles at InfoBarrel. I want to get both up past 100 or so in time and then age them a few more months before I really start to compare which site I want to spend most of my time on.

Your InfoBarrel Story
I hope people unfamiliar with IB don’t brush it off as crap just because others haven’t had success with it. I know it is valuable just as I understand the eHow is valuable as well. I would be very interested to hear from anyone that has good experiences with IB. If there are any of you out there please speak up and tell your story.

And if you haven’t tried InfoBarrel yet I really encourage you to do so. You can sign up for InfoBarrel under my referral link here or a non referral link here. I hope you’ll allow me to refer you in; I’ll always be happy to help you out along the way. Thanks for reading.
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December 6, 2009

Residual Income Report – November 2009

November is fast becoming a distant memory as we are nearly a week into December. As I stated in my October eHow earnings report my main goals for November were to build my article rankings up from my eHow articles and my blog posts by building anchored backlinks to them all. And as I stated in my post yesterday on using Infobarrel for residual earnings my main way of doing that was by writing articles and posting them on InfoBarrel in addition to a smattering of articles posted on article directory sites. All in all I posted a lot of articles in November, probably more than I can consistently hit every month going forward.

eHow Earnings - Blog Earnings - InfoBarrel Earnings

You might expect that all those linking strategies paid of handsomely for me and my online residual income skyrocketed. You would be wrong however. My earnings on eHow increased about 1 percent month over month and my blog income decreased month over month. Because I didn’t post my first article on InfoBarrel until the 18th of the month I only made a little more than a dollar there and resultantly my overall monthly earnings declined slightly from October.

Having said that however all individual stats from my eHow earnings look pretty good.  Here is the break down as usual:

eHow Residual Earnings Statistics - November 2009

67 published articles earned at a combined rate of $10.25 per 1,000 PV – up from $10.19 in October
80 percent of my earnings came from 24 percent of my articles – up from 19 percent in October
20 percent of my earnings came from 45 percent of my articles – up from 41 percent in October
31 percent of my articles had no earnings at all – down from 39 percent in October

If you compare back to October every one of these stats improved month over month and I am very confident this is because of the backlink work I’ve been putting in to these articles from my blogs and from InfoBarrel in particular. If you haven’t yet tried InfoBarrel for its residual earnings and backlinks potential I recommend them whole heartedly. You can use my referral link here or a non-referral link here. Of course I’d be honored if you let me refer you in.

InfoBarrel Residual Earnings Statistics - November 2009

I don’t think I’m going to say much yet. I posted a lot in November but it was all at the end of the month and thus nothing has really earned yet. For the sake of saying something however I will say I posted 37 articles at the end of November and have earned $1.26. In December I’ll provide some updates on InfoBarrel and will fully analyze my earnings on the next Income report in the first week of January.

SERP Rank Update

I am kind of disappointed considering the amount of work that I put in but I cannot be too down on it because all the backlink worked is helping. I’m seeing my main keywords raising in the SERPs though many are still not on page one and as they get closer I’ll be very close to making significantly more money. Also, I’m not dismayed because November is a short month with a four-day holiday weekend in it. I was on pace to increase my earnings by about 10 percent for the month before Thanksgiving hit. It’s amazing how few people are surfing the web for those four days.

Earnings Per 1000 Page Views

During the month of November I had five articles deleted by eHow and I posted eight more during the month giving me 67 published articles for the month. My page views slightly improved on the month as did my earnings per thousand page views. In October I made $10.19 per 100 pages views on eHow and in November that number went up to an all time high of $10.25 per 1000 page views. Not bad at all. Overall my residual income online dipped just a bit and the heels of declining Blog earnings.

November Residual Income Report

You can see my goal bar below. My earnings for November were 1.86% of my long term goal. This is down from October but still higher than September. The dip was not too big.

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December 5, 2009

Using InfoBarrel for Residual Earnings and Backlinks

Updated on 12-10-2009
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Join InfoBarrel For Residual Income and Backlinks
Some of you who have been following along with this blog for some time now will undoubtedly notice that my posting has been light for at least a month now and my reasons have been significant. I’ve been spending all my time (for the most part) over on InfoBarrel writing and posting articles to build more residual income. Basically I’ve been using InfoBarrel to increase my residual earnings over the past two weeks in two ways: revenue sharing and backlinks to my other online content.

What Is InfoBarrel
You may want to check out my updated InfoBarrel Review here.

If you’re unsure what InfoBarrel is it’s basically the same thing as eHow except that you don’t have to write in a ‘How-To’ format to post articles. Additionally InfoBarrel will let you link out to outside sites in the articles you post there. The links are very nice because they are dofollow links and the articles are indexed almost always the same day. The revenue share is very upfront and understandable as well. They give you a solid base revenue share and allow you to increase it based on the posting volume you hit every month.

They let you earn residual income on your articles from two different sources: Adsense and Chitika ads. They also have integrated G Analytics allowing you to see page by page details of stats if you set it up. All of this is very nice… probably even nicer than eHow but since I’ve already posted some 70 eHow articles already they aren’t going anywhere. I can however support those eHow articles by writing similar articles on InfoBarrel and linking out to the eHow articles I’ve already written. I may not be enthusiastic anymore about pumping out 50 eHow articles but another 50 InfoBarrel articles will surely occur this month… and in the next two weeks probably.

My InfoBarrel Experience - 1st Two Weeks
Over the past 15 days I’ve posted 51 InfoBarrel articles each linking to my eHow articles and to my Longevity blog. Each article is unique but similar in nature to the articles I’ve already written so the backlinks are quite relevant and there is no research time required for any of these articles. As a result of all this I now have an additional 51 and counting money making articles on InfoBarrel and 100+ backlinks making my eHow articles and blog posts stronger in the SERPs.

You might be curious how I’ve been doing this considering I work a day job but I say it’s easy because I already know what to write about. I’m just writing articles related to things I’ve already written. The articles are about 500 words a piece and I can whip them out very quickly. The keyword research has already been done so there’s not much to do but track what backlinks I’m throwing up.

Use InfoBarrel For Backlinks
As of right now I’ve backlinked 95% of my eHow articles at least once and about 60% of them twice. 20% of them have even been backlinked at least three times. It’s fantastic. Not only do the backlinks get thrown up quickly but in less than one week my IB articles already started earning. On my 7th day I had somewhere around 30 InfoBarrel articles posted and I made my first dollar. After two weeks (yesterday) I had 51 articles posted and I made another two bucks and change. In the past 2-3 days my analytics are starting to show a significant increase in search traffic to the articles so I know that more earnings are just around the corner. BTW, on a earnings per 1000 PV basis InfoBarrel is almost twice as high as eHow for me at this moment however this will likely level off as volume of page views accumulates.

How about the backlinks? They are already seemingly working. I can’t be sure until at least the end of December but my earnings per 1000 page views at eHow increased to an all time high in November. Because November was a short month however and had a four day holiday weekend my overall earnings were slightly flat at eHow so by December’s end I should have an idea whether these backlinks are helping.

I should say right now that I think they are helping as my keyword rankings are far better at November month end than at November month beginning so I think this will only lead to more PV in the month of December. We’ll see how it goes. I do know that backlinks into the same article from the same domain start having less of an effect after 5-10 backlinks which means if I wanted I could backlink from IB into eHow articles about 5-10 times per eHow article before I stop experiencing benefits. This will take some time even at a rate of 120 articles per month.

Make More Money With InfoBarrel
So anyway, InfoBarrel also offers a referral program and I am so impressed with them that I will be actively promoting the program here on this blog. Head over to InfoBarrel and start making some money and backlinks and support me and my cause while you’re at it. I’d appreciate it. I’ll continue to provide guidance on my progress as the day’s, week’s, and month’s progress.

So let this be the baseline. Join InfoBarrel and post 50 articles in your first two weeks and you’ll likely make $1-$5. We’ll see how this increases in time.

Update 12-10-09 - x3xsolxdierx3x (Howie) a leading InfoBarrel contributor created this comparison chart of Infobarrel and other user content generated revenue sharing platforms.  I think it speaks for itself when you look at it from a which platform is worth my time stand point.  Click to enlarge.
Again, let me say if you'd like to signup for InfoBarrel I'd be honored if you let me refer you.  Just click here and allow me to refer you or you can click here for a non-referral link.
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