July 29, 2010

Another Project - Cute Baby Girl Clothes

In my last post titled InfoBarrel Experiment, I discussed how I was transitioning from using InfoBarrel from a backlink generator to a money maker. A timely even on the forums pointed out an article on clothing that happens to be doing really well and a few people noticed how many inlinks the page had listed on Yahoos Site Explorer. I noted that it’s not that difficult to get a ton or inlinks if your really want to and the benefits of getting tons of them can be quite fruitful as I estimated the keyword of the page in question was probably earning somewhere around $450 per month.

Baby Girl Clothes

Of course because the page was on [blank] clothing I figured I’d hunt down a good clothing related keyword to try my hand at. I will continue working on my car insurance keywords over there but will be also working on this one article on Cute Baby Girl Clothes trying to get it to rank first on page one of G and then as high on the page as I can get. I also want to show how quickly a lot of quality backlinks can be generated with a little work rather than through shady means.

The entire article basically discussed the many different types of baby girl clothes including newborn baby clothes, infant clothes, toddler clothing for girls, and trendy, designer baby girls clothing. The article was very informative listing many boutique clothiers for little girls and babies and should it ever make it high in the SERPs it should be a valuable resource to many shoppers for cute baby girl clothes.

Anyway, this quick post on Cute Baby Girl clothes should start me off with one quality link and now I’m on to getting a whole bunch more. Good luck to all of you guys doing the same thing. And as always, I will eventually be getting a good deal of my links through guest blogging which is organized by The Keyword Academy. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to guest post period. Check it out. First month is only one buck.

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