February 23, 2011

Does Getting A Custom Domain Help With Blogger

Not really, unless you want to look more professional, reputable, and generally more authoritative.

For me I built this blog up over the past 18 months on a dot blogspot domain. Right now (for what it's worth) this blog is a PR4 in the eyes of Google. This obviously illustrates that a custom domain isn't necessary to build a quality site.

Nevertheless, I have succumbed. If you haven't noticed Residual Income with Chezfat is now on a custom domain. I imagine that if this blog was geared towards search my rankings would tale a temporary hit but since I don't really rank for much on this blog nothing bad will happen.

One day I may actually try ranking a page or two on this site but for now I'll take the referral traffic and those direct traffic users and be satisfied. :) When that day comes this site should do just fine... and the new readers may actually think more highly of me just because of my shiny new domain. :0

Anyway, if you happen to link to any of my pages may I ask you to update your links to my new domain http://www.chezfat.com... and if you don't link to me yet may I ask that you do so now. Hey, why not? :)
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February 8, 2011

One Month of Selling Travel Mugs – A Case Study Open Book

One month ago I posted an excellent article (if I may critique my own work) on InfoBarrel on How to Make Money on InfoBarrel with Amazon Associates. Along with this article I published a companion article which was a case study / sales page promoting a very specific travel mug which is sold on Amazon. You can read the article on the best travel mug you could possibly buy here.

Anyway, this mug I chose for this sales article and case study was very specific. I had actually purchased this mug for my wife for Christmas late last year and I had purchased it because I truly wanted to buy her the best travel mug I could find. I was convinced this mug was the best and after we used the mug for a few weeks we both were convinced it was the best. I swear it truly is the bet travel mug for sale today – I can’t imagine any other mug being better.

Sounds convincing right? Well it should be because it’s genuine – I own it and I believe it and the reviews on the product backup my claims. As a result this item has sold for me nicely on Amazon. In fact the mug started making sales for me on day five if I remember correctly after I had only lightly promoted it with backlinks.

In the first week I published five related articles on InfoBarrel (signup here) pointing at this page with internal contextual links, I also posted 5 articles on PostUrOwn each of which sent a backlink to the article, 1 article on HubPages (signup here), 5 on Snipsly, and 1 on Squidoo. I then started backlinking each of these articles but the bottom line is that in the first week I only published my main article selling travel mugs and roughly 17 articles for backlinks.

At this point I could have stopped promoting the article because it was already selling travel mugs and other items at a pace of about 1 sale every other day. This would equate to about 15 sales a month for writing between 15-20 articles. That is a good return I would think as sales commissions average well over a dollar a sale making this investment in my time worth well more than a dollar and article a month. I chose however to keep building backlinks.

I built 5 more Ezines pointing to my main sales article 4 more hubs, and then built about 4-6 backlinks to every one of the original 17 supporting backlinks previously mentioned and then started hammering out PostRunner submissions (read about PostRunner here) with each sending backlinks to the main article and one oft eh others on IB. Not even counting all the Adsense income, Chitika, income, and other Amazon income I’ve made over the last month on the other supporting articles I’ve sold 27 items from this one article alone and most of them are actually the exact travel mug I am promoting.

My 1-Month Results Selling Travel Mugs
Today marks the completion of my first month selling these travel mugs and I am now averaging a sale every day giving me a rough estimate of $45 per month in revenue from Amazon from this one article after only publishing it 30 days ago.

It is possible to build Amazon earnings on InfoBarrel. Yes you could build niche sites to sell Amazon products but this experiment is suggesting that you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

As of today’s writing I now have 39 backlinks to this article and an additional 4-6 backlinks built to 17 of those articles. I also have a bunch more backlink articles queued up for publication in the next few days. By weeks end I should have a total of about 55-60 backlinks published thanks to the wonders of the PostRunner guest posting system (available to members of The Keyword Academy).

My goal is to keep backlinking this main article until it ranks number one for “best travel mug”, my estimation tells me this will give me a ton more sales because people really respond to this product. If anything this should show you the power of promoting really good products – don’t just sell anything – sell something good and you’ll do far better even if the commission is small – plus the increased sales volume will push you into higher commission tiers – and you’ll feel better about yourself too. :)

In the past month my best travel mug article had 417 unique page views and it received 149 clicks to the product for a click through rate of 35.7 percent. Then, of those 149 clicks, I sold 27 items giving me a conversion rate of 18.1 percent. As any affiliate marketer knows conversions are where you make your money and you will simply make more by selling a good product – it will sell itself and will convert as a result.

--An interesting side note-- I setup two links on my sales page and am tracking them separately with different tracking codes. The link at the top of the article get’s clicked almost three times as often as the link on the bottom of the article but the link at the bottom of the article converts at 26.2% compared to the top link converting at “only” 15%. Think about that when setting up your sales page.
Overall based on my first month selling travel mugs I can expect a product sale for every 15.4 unique page views to this article and when a sale is worth on average of $1.75 a piece you can see why this is a profitable endeavor and you should see why I feel it’s worth my time backlinking the begeezuz out of my main article to get the article to rank extremely well in the SERPs. Today I am pushing 50 backlinks – next month I should be way higher as I improve the traffic to this article.

This is my take home piece to you – I am not doing anything special. Making money on Amazon is not hard if you choose a product that sells itself. I challenge you to find a similar product that is simply awesome. Find something you’d buy as a Christmas present for a loved one because it’s just that good and then sell it. You’ll see how it ends up selling itself if you set your page up properly and once you see the results maybe you’ll consider getting your TKA membership so that you can backlink it to number one in the SERPs using TKA’s PostRunner backlink tool. Good luck and fire away in the comments below.


If you liked this post read my post from yesterday on Making Money Blogging For People Who Don’t Read Blogs.
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February 7, 2011

How To Make Money Blogging (For Non-Bloggers)

Guys, this is going to be short (not really) and simple (really) and I want to invite you all to do this as I know it will benefit you all.

I am going to advise you all on how to build up some significant income with a blog but not a blog that will be read by bloggers. You have to write for non-bloggers and search traffic unless you are really gifted and lucky.  I am neither but I still make 4-digits a month.

Howie from Tactical Cash Flow and IB, recently posted on his blog and on the IB forums about the disconnect between bloggers income and that of their readers inomes. I contend there is a disconnect only because many readers simply aren’t doing what the blog owners are doing – they read about what they need to do but they simply aren’t taking action. This is my way of giving you all the opportunity to make your first thousand in a month in the simplest terms possible and I wan't to give you the opportunity to have a financial incentive in this blog post - not just me.

Step 1 – Think of a topic for your new blog
Really – pick any topic. Just make sure there are items for sale which are related to your topic which are sold in your local Wal-Mart, Target, or Sears. This is the topic that will make you $1000 per month.

Step 2 – Sign up for the Keyword Academy.
The first month is free (every month after that is $33) and all the tools you need to make a "money blog" are available to you as a member even during your first free month. I swear if you do not do this it is not even worth going on down this post just go back to what you were doing before.

People who read this blog (the few that there may be) need to make good money, there's little reason to be here if you are not and don't care to take action – I don’t want a disconnect between my readers income and my own.

For now I’m going to list my own affiliate link below for you to use but as more of you join I’ll add the affiliate links of others who have joined to the list that way you all can benefit from this plan of attack. New readers will simply choose which link to use at random.

To use Howie’s mantra, the readers of my blog should have a financial incentive in it’s success, not just me the author.

Signup for The Keyword Academy {choose a link at random} here or here, or here.
Once you join you can add your link to that list above as wellas the one at the bottom of this post.

Step 3 – Learn the TKA Tools
Watch the keyword Academy video in the members area on using Niche Refinery and read their eBook chapter on it. Both of these resources are available to members of TKA. You can also read my article on finding Keywords using Niche Refinery which is published on InfoBarrel.

The topic you chose in step 1 will be the main keyword you use to drive yoru Niche Refinery results. Start with your topic and use Adwords Keyword Tool to generate CSV files containing at least 2000 keyword ideas. Then upload those CSV files to Niche Refinery and let it show you the best 10-20 keywords out of the thousands you downloaded. Once you upload o Niche Refinery take the night off and come back to your results tomorrow or simply watch and read all there is to watch and read in the member's area of TKA - you could spend days doing this as there is so much info to digest in the members section.

Once Niche refinery processes your thousands of keyword options (should take about a day) it should be really easy to see which are the best 20 keywords relating to your topic.

Step 4 – Set up your Site
Setup a self-hosted Wordpress website using a carefully selected domain name which is topical to your topic. The Keyword Academy has videos and instructions on how to do this. Read them and watch the videos, you are a member there and they have staff who’s sole job is to help new members get started. Use their tools and use their support and get right to work. Just make it happen. 

Domains shouldn't cost you more than $10 a year and hosting shouldn't cost you more than $10 per month.  This is a cost of doing busienss, you simply have to do it.

Step 5 – Publish 20 Awesome Posts
Publish on your new blog really good, helpful, and comprehensive blog posts on all twenty of the really good keywords you identified above which closly relate to your topic. Make sure to include a Privacy Policy page and a contact page on youas these will be required once you begin monetizing the blog.

Step 6 - Backlink Your Posts Using PostRunenr
Once you post all 20 blog posts then you can start backlinking them using PostRunner, which is the backlinking tool provided to all TKA members. You can read my review of PostRunner here for more info on how it’s used. Seriously this is very important.

With PostRunner you write 300 word articles and publish them on other TKA members blogs. Each post can link out to two pages. This means that by writing ten 300 word articles on your topic you can backlink all 20 blog posts on your site using PostRunner.

This is where the work comes in and this is what most people simply don’t want to do. Publish PostRunner blog posts which are backlinking all of your 20 money-pages on routine schedule for the next three months. Every day.

They are blog posts not articles so they are really simple to make and they don’t have to be complicated. Just do it. Five a day with two links a piece will give each one of your main blog posts 45 backlinks after 90 days. 10 a day for 90 days with two links a piece will give each of your 20 main blog posts 90 backlinks.

Step 7 - Blog Like Your Normally Would (But Keep Backlinking)
At this point (90 days in) your main 20 articles should be making money – just keep backlinking those that haven’t yet made it to a #1 rank and if you want you can start blogging on the money-site just as you would when you were green and inexperienced. Each new blog post you create should using internal linking to go back to your main 20. if you work every day for a year you should be making a lot more money than your efforts are taking you today.

Just do it – it’s not complicated it’s just hard - but we’ve all done “hard” things before and we all have done what it takes to give ourselves and our loved ones a better life. Commit to a year of structured and efficient work and you will do well and you will probably do a lot better than going about it your own way. Don’t reinvent the wheel. The Keyword Academy gives you al the tools to make a living online all you have to do is the work.

It is a lot of work but at least you’ll know that the work will actually get you where you want to go. You are looking at a job of a minimum of five 300-word articles published every day for at least 90 days straight.  You can do it slower but your results will be far weaker as well - just committ to the work and enlist your spouce or a friend if need be - just get it done.

Here are the affiliate signup links once again. Remember mine is one of these and the others are my readers who’ve signed up. Once you sign up and get going signup fro their affiliate program and shoot me an email and I’ll add your link to the list. We all win and we all get closer to financial security just make sure to let us know how you are doing in the comments below and make sure to send new people with drive to this page as making a living online shouldn’t be reserved for the few people in the know – there’s enough room for us all.

Signup for The Keyword Academy {choose a link at random} here or here, or here.
Once you join you can add your link to that list above as wellas the one at the top of this post.
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