March 28, 2011

Making A Living Online – Day 17

To continue with my series: How To Start Making A Living Online: 28 days To Be A Better IMer - I present day 17.

Day 17 – Get Those Article Directory Links Indexed (And Make Some Money Doing It)

If you are following along with this series then you may still be working on day 16. Hopefully you are about finished up or done completely but if you are like most people writing all this unique content can get tough especially after having written so much already. If you’re not done yet with submitting the 25 article directory links from day 16 then keep at it. Today’s task is a bit smaller and may help break up the monotony.

Over the past few days you’ve submitted a lot of content to article directories. 25 articles were submitted to backlink our revenue sharing articles on Day 14 and 25 more were submitted to backlink our actual money articles on day 16. That’s a total of 50 article directory links sitting out there and they all need some love.

First of all, as we did back in day 7, head over to Feedage and submit your article directory RSS feed to your Feedage account. This will get all your directory submissions some small time “easy” backlinks. If you setup accounts at all four article directories then this should mean you get to submit four feeds to Feedage – shouldn’t take you more than 10 min of your time.

Next you have to start submitting your article directory submissions to IMAutomator, again, this is quick and easy and although you’ve got about 50 submissions to make and it may take you a few days because of daily submission limitations it shouldn’t take up much of your time.

The last thing you have to do (which will actually help earn you money) is to start backlinking all 50 of these article directory publications on SheToldMe and InfoPirate. This will take some time but I have done well over fifty bookmark backlinks in a day so this should still be manageable.

Don’t underestimate this. These links will help get your directory submissions indexed and will help improve the quality of the links they are sending to your money articles and main backlink articles… and not only that but the bookmarks themselves will earn money. From my experience just getting 100 bookmarks up on InfoPirate is an easy income stream of $20-$40 a month. That sounds crazy I know but it is true. SheToldMe (from my experience) isn’t as good for revenue but you will make some money there so it’s worth it.

If you are not yet done getting your directory submissions submitted keep working at that too. This is very important. You need these backlinks. In the future we’ll start adding other types of backlinks in greater quantities but for now these are great backlinks to get and worth the effort.

A Glimpse Into The Future

The work we have done over the past few weeks has definitely been a lot. It is probably more work that you could have ever imagined doing and if you are actually doing it then congrats; your efforts will pay off. We are now earning a little money on SheToldMe, InfoPirate, Snipsly, InfoBarrel, HubPages, Squidoo, and Posturown and each of those sites is also passing links and authority to our money articles which are published on our own site. Our money articles may or may not be earning money yet but chances are that you’ve already started earning a trickle there as well.

The first month is the hardest – it’s a blind leap of faith. You devote a ton of time and energy into producing all this content and trust that you will be compensated for your efforts. Almost every time you will be compensated – some times more that others but you have to make the leap.

So far we haven’t spent any money except for setting up a website to put out initial money articles on. In the future we will start spending some money – not much but the money spent will be worth it and will be reasonable. Just fair warning.

Good luck and work hard – it’s not easy, if it was everyone would do it.

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  1. Great series, I am trying to implement it using The Keyword Academy green words and The Keyword Strategy results. It is working out great so far. Thanks for putting this together.


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