March 17, 2011

Making A Full Time Living Online With Internet Marketing – Day 12

To continue with my series: How To Start Making A Living Online: 28 days To Be A Better IMer - I present day 12.

Day 12 – Backlink Your Support Blogs

Back on Day 5 we created one or two support blogs for our main set of “money articles” and on day 6 we submitted the posts to IMAutomator for help with indexing and to the revenue share bookmarking sites for a few backlinks that had the potential to earn. Today we want to send some more substantial backlinks to these support blogs.

Again, on the five major revenue sharing backlink sites, HubPages, InfoBarrel, Posturown, Squidoo, and Snipsly you want to publish two articles a piece each linking to two of your posts on the support blogs. 10 articles submitted in total should backlink each of your blog posts roughly twice so make them count – use proper anchor text and link to those posts in the body of your articles contextually.

Once you get your support blog posts backlinked you should know have about 35 revenue share articles published on the major Web 2.0 properties (8 per site) which should start generating some clicks every now and then giving you a small  (very small) stream of income.

Other Easy Backlinks
After getting these articles published make sure to head over to if you didn't already do this on day 7 and  submit the RSS feed of your support blogs to Feedage to get the posts listed on Feedage’s site. These are small backlinks but they are very easy to setup and because it’s a onetime event make sure to do it. You want to get these support blogs indexed with a little bit of authority for their topics because they should be a good support system for your main money articles.

Obviously if you setup multiple support blogs then you’ll have to perform this step once for each support blog. As I’ve said a few times already it’s a lot of work but it can easily be done so just get to work and make some progress on it. Good luck.

I hope this is helping out a bit – I hope anyone reading this can eventually take control of their lives and truly make a living online one day.

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