January 24, 2014

Bubblews SEO: Can You Rank Long Tail Keywords On Bubblews

A bit over a week ago or so I started an account on Bubblews and started writing away. I wrote about it here on Are Bubblews Posts SEO Friendly?

One of the first things I noticed when I started working the site was how the vast majority of users seem to use the site like a social network that pays them to interact. I went along with it but my keyword driven mind was wondering all along if the site would rank in search engines for long tail stuff - you know, really long tails stuff.

You can also see my post on making a quick few bucks on Bubblews here - it went live yesterday: How To Make Money Fast On Bubblews.

The purpose of this post however is not to explore using Bubblews for fast financial gain but to rather use it as a article library for the extremely long tail keywords that draw in recurring search traffic.

We all have sites where we post articles looking for keyword driven search traffic but many of the topics are too narrow in scope for a 1000 word post. On Bubblews you can hit all these keywords with "articles" ranging from 400 characters to a few hundred words very easily.

My First Attempts At Bubblews SEO

I posted on the 16th a post titled: How Long Does The Thermos Stainless King Travel Mug Keep Coffee Hot?

I got the big crazy long keyword from Google autocomplete while researching top selling products. That post has been published for basically 7 1/2 days and it ranks #5 on page 1.

I then posted an article titled: "Is The Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug Dishwasher Safe?" This article is ranked #10 on page 1 7 days later.

"Can You Clean A Coffee Maker With Apple Cider Vinegar" is ranked #20 after 7 days.

"Difference Between The Contigo West Loop And Aria Travel Mugs" - This one ranks #6

"Insulated Travel Mug To Keep Coffee Hot" ranks #18.

How about this keyword which I posted two days ago?

"Is The Thermos Stainless King Travel Mug Leak Proof?" This one ranks #27.

Those Are Awfully Long Keywords Aren't They

Yeah, I know, those keywords are ridiculously long but they are actual questions posed about very popular products that have been selling like hotcakes for years. Not to mention that each question was found via Google Autocomplete so they are in Google's radar somewhere.

Point here is this - I think a 400 character post is short enough. Most of my short posts have been around 150-200 words and probably closer to 1000 characters. My longer ones are probably in the vicinity of 300-400 words.

Even still these are so easy to write that it's very easy to put up a few of these every day - especially the short ones. Bubblews will let you publish 10 a day if you want, that means you could have around 300 long tail posts up every month.

Yeah, I'd be surprised if any of these posts mentioned above get more than a few page views from the SERPs every month but if I had 2 months worth (600 posts) up and each pulled 2-3 page views a month from the SERPS then I'd have (for the time being) around 1350 page views coming in every month, about $13.50 in the Bubblews payment ecosystem.

If every month generated an extra $7 in recurring monthly income then this could be a decent place to make a few extra bucks for minimal work.

I'll keep exploring the topic and report back with my thoughts and findings.

What are your experiences? Do you think this is a royal waste of time for that kind of income?

Have you even signed up for Bubblews? You can use my referral link to try it out; it net's me a whopping $0.20 if you write and publish a post. Hehe :)

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