January 25, 2014

How To Make Money With InfoBarrel - My Index Of Infobarrel Guides

I've been a long time writer for InfoBarrel since November of 2009 - a little over 4 years as of today's writing. I know that site like that back of my hand although it isn't all that big of a part of my overall income as it used to be back in 2010.

Can you make money with InfoBarrel? Absolutely.

Is it the best place to make money writing? Depends on what your goals are and what you enjoy doing.

Never used InfoBarrel before?
Open an account here & start writing right away. (ref link)
But I suggest you read this whole post first and maybe some of my other tutorials on the site as well. It's not for everyone.

Who Would Like Writing For InfoBarrel

Do you like just writing articles about "stuff" and don't want to deal with hosting and maintaining a website?

Don't want to deal with the hassles of working on monetizing a site either? If you just want to sit down and write for an hour a day and not be troubled with anything else then yeah, IB is awesome.

For me and many others it's become a great place to spend some time for specific projects, testing, and networking so it can be a part of anyone's arsenal I think.

An Index Of Helpful InfoBarrel Posts

Over the years I've written a lot about InfoBarrel, both over on InfoBarrel's domain and here on this blog. Today I wanted to dedicate a bit of virtual real estate to simply gather all my posts on the topic together into one big place. I wanted to create a bit of an Index of all my InfoBarrel posts for reference purposes.

I've developed a ton of exposure on the site and a lot of people have expressed to me their gratitude for all the posts I've made but now that there are so many of them I'm finding it hard to direct people to the best pages... also, new writers for InfoBarrel are likely finding it hard to find any help from my past writings as it's scattered all over the place.

Below you'll find a big list of helpful posts. Some of these are geared more for the beginner on InfoBarrel while others are for the more dedicated or veteran writer. In cases where it's necessary I've tried to point out posts that are a bit dated and not necessarily accurate any more. I may take some time in the coming weeks to update some of the dated posts to make them more relevant.

In any event here they are sorted as best I can.

My InfoBarrel Experience

InfoBarrel 2 Weeks In - Originally Published December 2009
After My 1st Month On InfoBarrel - Originally published in December 2009.
After 8 Months On InfoBarrel - Originally Published in July 2010.
Chezfat Is An InfoBarrel Success Story - Originally published November 2010.
The Graceful Fall Of An InfoBarrel Success Story - Originally published January 2014.

InfoBarrel For Beginners

My InfoBarrel Review - Originally published in November 2010 and updated since.
Build Backlinks From InfoBarrel - Originally published in December 2009.
How To Choose A Keyword (In Theory) - Originally published September 2010.
How To Actually Choose A Keyword - Originally published September 2010.
Improve Your Search Engine Ranking - Originally published September 2010.
The Amazon Affiliate Program On InfoBarrel - Originally published January 2011.
Build Authority As An Author With RSS - Originally published January 2011.
Increase Income By Adding Pictures To Articles - Originally published April 2011.
Link Directly To InfoBarrel Media Pages - Originally published June 2011.
Beginner's Guide To InfoBarrel For New Writers - Originally published March 2012.

How Much Can You Make On InfoBarrel

InfoBarrel's Earnings Potential - Originally Published in August 2010
Is $1000 Monthly Income Possible? - Originally Published in August 2010


There you have it. That's a bunch of posts.

In the future I'll update this page with links to particularly interesting forum posts I've made on IB and I will try to add new links to this list if I've missed anything.

Some of the posts listed are dated and I'll slowly start updating them so that they are current and relevant for content marketing/publishing in 2014.

If you want an easy way to start building up a library of articles then IB is a great place to get your feet wet and they pay pretty good too... you know, so long as you get eyeballs on your articles.

This is my referral link btw, if you use it I will get 2% of the ad views for your articles at no expense to you.

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