August 30, 2010

Baby Girl Clothes Case Study – One Month Review

In my last post I previewed my new baby girl clothes case study as it related to my InfoBarrel Experiment challenge. My challenge was to start treating InfoBarrel like a place where you can make substantial money rather than just a place to generate backlinks. Over the past couple months I have experienced quite an increase in revenue from InfoBarrel and recommend this site to anyone looking to build residual income. You can join InfoBarrel here if you have yet to do so (aff).

To quickly summarize I decided to publicly start posting on this topic and show just how I take a keyword and turn it into a marketing campaign and build it into a substantial cash flow in a relatively short amount of time on the heels of significant leg work.

Baby Girl Clothes - Articles Published

I have posted in the last month 5 money making articles on the topic over on InfoBarrel, 1 money making article on the topic on HubPages, and one money making article on the topic at Snipsly for a total of 7 money articles. The Snipsly article and HubPage articles are two of four “main” supporting articles to my ultimate goal 1000+ word IB article: Baby Girl Clothes and each backlink the main IB article with a relevant anchored dofollow backlink.

My main Baby Girl Clothes article on IB has the main long tail keywords which I’m targeting “cute baby girl clothes”, “trendy baby girl clothes”, and “unique baby girl clothes”. My Hub targets “newborn baby girl clothes” and my Snipsly targets “designer baby girl clothes”.

My four other IB articles which support the main IB article target related keywords all with small but significant money making potential: “cheap unisex baby clothes”, “baby onesies for girls”, “unique baby clothes for girls”, and “funny baby clothes for boys”.

In addition to my Hub and Snipsly articles I have two more “main” supporting articles. I posted a baby girl clothes article on ArticleBlast and a Baby Girl Clothes article on a relevant clothing & fashion blog. Each of my four main supporting articles have between 7-15 backlinks a piece and my four IB supporting articles each have between 3-7 backlinks a piece and my main IB article has a whopping 41 backlinks pointing at it – each from a different location and over half coming from guest posting.

For those that missed how I guest post so easily, check out my previous post on Guest Posting with PostRunner.

First Month Earnings

So that’s a lot of writing and to be honest I haven’t done much to this project in the last 10 days or so – I’m mostly letting everything stew to see how the SERPs react and one month in I can say I’ve already made approximately $7.22 from my seven money making articles combined and that’s with not even adding my Adsense code to Snipsly before a few days ago. It will be fun to see how September earnings for these seven articles fare.

First Month Rankings

My HubPage article is sitting in the #1 spot for its main keyword and in #9 for “cheap baby girl clothes”, Snipsly is sitting in #12 for its keyword. My four supporting IB articles are ranking #13, #10, #100+, and #9 for their keywords. My main IB article’s long-tail keywords are ranking #13, #12, and #28 and my main keyword “baby girl clothes” on IB is ranking #80. This rank has been VERY inconsistent over the course of this first month as it has fluctuated almost daily quite significantly. It has been as high as the teens and as low as the upper 100s… it will be interesting to see this article start seeing consistent rankings week after week.

Potential Residual Income

As I identified on the IB forums I feel this main IB article alone could potentially bring in many hundreds of dollars… possibly as much as $500 a month on its own if it’s in the number one spot. The others could add up to another one or two hundred combined on a monthly basis as well.  Obviously I have a ways to go but this is progress and my earnings are already happening and they will only grow bigger in the coming months.

Going Forward - The Loose Plan

In September I plan on beefing up my supporting IB articles and identifying a fifth & sixth major supporting article on another clothing blog to help improve the rank of my baby girl clothes article. I will also continue to increase the backlink profile of the main IB article and by the end of September I’m sure I’ll see good improvement.

Again – if you haven’t joined Infobarrel make sure you do because the site can offer you a lot of benefit if you put in the work. Make sure to index your IB article feed too – it helps, and never discount the value of proper keyword research and anchored dofollow backlinks. Good luck to you all in your projects and feel free to leave you comments below.

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  1. Very interesting. I look forward to seeing if all this backlinking really does pay off in month 2. Don't forget to update us!

    I'm going to start cracking down and getting serious about my backlinking efforts. Your updates are really inspiring. Keep it up!


  2. I will definitely update possibly a mid-month update if anything interesting pops up. Thanks for the note!


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