May 18, 2010

Search Marketing Case Study Updates

Insulin Levels Case Study
If you’ve been following along on this blog for a while now you know that I’ve got a couple case study’s happening in unison. Neither really have much to do with each other however both have to do with search marketing. In my first case study which began in early April I wanted to see if I could dominate the SERPs for the search term “how to reduce insulin levels”. In my study I have five pages that I want to rank on page one of G, preferably in spots 1-5. If you missed it I recommend catching up on the experiment in my insulin case study post, and first and second case study update.

I started off pretty strong writing up posts for backlinks to all the articles and then somewhere around the end of April I slowed and am simply watching the changing SERPs for the term. It looks like I probably should have added a few more backlinks, especially to my Xomba post on reducing insulin levels as it is the laggard in the crew of five. Currently it is only ranked number 13 in the middle of page 2.

I also have yet to achieve double indexing for my two blog posts. The first on lowering insulin levels is sitting comfortably in number one position but the second on the many ways to manage and reduce insulin has yet to double index and is sitting in the number 11 spot.

I have not done a huge amount of backlinking to my eHow article on decreasing insulin naturally but it has easily made the top ten. It’s currently sitting in number 5 on page one followed by my InfoBarrel article on how to reduce insulin which currently sits in the 10 spot on page one.

Interestingly I achieved these results weeks ago but nothing has really changed in the month of May so it looks like I might have to do a little more backlinking. I may also look into backlinking some of my supporting articles too like this one on controlling insulin levels.  This could go a long way into pushing my target articles up the SERPs. Over the next week or two I’m going to whip up a few more backlinks (aside from this blog) to the main five target articles and a few of their supporting articles.

Memorial Day GeoTargeting Case Study
The second case study I’ve got going on right now is my GeoTargeting case study of a one-time event localized to a specific region. My San Diego Memorial Day article over on InfoBarrel is my foray into this area. I first wrote about it about three weeks ago in my Memorial Day In San Diego case study post.

My goal was to take an event that has not yet happened and rank for it before everybody starts searching for the term. In about a week and a half everybody is going to search for this term to find cool things to do while they are on vacation or for the long weekend. I also wrote the initial article in a way that makes it generic so that it can be used year after year.

I used the modifier 2010 in the article body so people searching for 2010 Memorial Day ideas will find it and in the future I can change this to say 2011 and eventually 2012 and the content is just as accurate because the ideas for these types of San Diego holiday celebrations are constant and ever-green.

What is interesting is that I’m ranking in the top five for a multitude of related search terms and I’ve only sent a handful of backlinks to the article. It doesn’t take much to rank for an even that is localized and hasn’t happened yet. What I’m curious to see is whether this term will make any money when everybody starts searching for it next week. Currently it gets more views every day on IB for me than any other article I’ve wrote but I’m not sure how that will translate to earnings.

As always, I’ve very interested in other case studies some of you may be trying. Fill us in in the comments.

Off yeah, I almost forgot; I retook number one for Purple Elephant Bunny Magic. I’m sure Jade will be casually trying to take it back sometime soon. :)

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  1. Actual Chez, an article I wrote that was stolen shows as Number 1 for me, but I've got it removed now. My work holds 6 of the remaining 9 spots on page 1 and several results on page 2.

  2. I assume it's a bit different in the various Google engines - I'm seeing my double indexing in 1 & 2 plus my IB article in number five. Your Xomba posts site double indexed in 3 & 4 and your shetoldme posts are in 6 & 7. You definately are dominating the top 20 listings if you've got that many posts using the term. :) Three on the topic are enough for me. I've got enough case studies to work on. ;)


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