August 9, 2010

RSS Feed Indexing – Does It Help?

A while ago when I discussed the idea of making sure that your article directory posts get indexed I said that getting your profile pages indexed from these sites would help. After all if your profile page is indexed and crawled by G often enough the links to all the individual articles will be followed as well.

At the time I also mentioned MyBlogLog as a potentially great way to make sure all your blog posts get indexed. I haven’t set up an account for this blog but I have for my main longevity blog. In any event MyBlogLog will take the feed and show the most recent five posts on your profile page linking to each post and giving an excerpt of the posts. This should help in initial indexing however only the first five posts are displayed. Once it drops off the page however you lose the link so that got me think – what other ways were there to do similar things with the feed except maybe I could display more than five posts.


I setup an account here just today and entered my author RSS feeds for my main article marketing accounts and presto, I now have a page over on Feedage that displays my feed of last posts for that site. Each post is truncated and links directly back to the source. Now whenever I post something It will be in the author profile which hopefully should be indexed as well as my Feedage page, which also should be indexed and followed, and if I ever get around to setting up my feeds on MyBlogLog they too will be indexed and followed.

That should be pretty good for getting new posts indexed, especially those pesky article directory posts which I need to be indexed for the backlinks. What do you think of this, huh? Think it could work for you?

Here you can see my creation for my main IB, Hub, GA, EZ accounts with a few more to follow. Ad hopefully this will help with my new Infobarrel Experiment as well as getting me ranking better for baby clothes as I discussed in my last post.

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